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Food & Drink

Fast Food / Restaurant

After countless hours of fun you feel the need to have a break for a snack or a drink at the Restaurant and Fast Food area. There is a variety of choices from including the traditional hamburger, children’s meal and chicken to spear rips and pastas.


There is a variety of different flavors of ice creams. Pick up your own and choose from one of the special flavors like chocolate-chip, panacota and many more or have a milk shake.

Zante Water Village Facilities
Zante Water Village Facilities

Bar Areas

Pool Bar / Snack Bar

If you just fancy a quick snack or a cold drink then relax by the reception pool at the pool bar. Also available your favourite slush puppies, fresh juices and ice-creams.

Stone Bar

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail or a cold beer at the large sitting area and beautiful view of the jungle adventure interactive game.


Photo Shop

Fast photo-print shop is available at Water Village. Don’t forget to get a photo of you coming down the slides your family and friends to remember your magical experience at Water Village.

Souvenir Shop

Our shop offers a broad range of water park products such as sun cream, towels, armbands, sunglasses and souvenirs. Special mention for our T-shirts featuring the Water Village.

Zante Water Village Facilities
Zante Water Village Facilities

Games out of the water

Go Karts

You can have fun or compete with your friends at the karting track next to Water Village. Only for Water Village visitors go-karts offer you a 2 euro off from the standard price. Mini Go-Karts for children and group discounts are available.

Kid’s Cars


Mini Golf

Complete all 14 holes in as few strokes as possible and beat your friend.


Position the ball and win 3 goals on the row. A surprise gift is waiting for you.



Changing rooms and showers are available in the W.C. building. Also baby changing room is located in the woman’s w.c.


Lockers are available for rental at front desk. Costs you 4€ to hire a locker for the day. 1€ deposit is required which you get back when you hand in your key.

First Aid

Medicine can be stored at the First Aid room.

Free sunbeds and umbrellas

Free car parking (600 spaces)

Zante Water Village Facilities

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