Blue Waves
Boomerango plus Boomerango plus Boomerango plus
Boomerango plus (unique in Europe)

The innovative Advance Boomerango delivers a thrilling combination of sensations unlike any other tube ride! Described by the experts as the single most thrilling water ride in the world.

High-banking turns rock you side to side before you plunge down a heart-pounding 17m drop. Powerful G-forces take over as you glide up a near-vertical wall, slowing to a stop before plummeting back down. Just when you think it’s over, you slide up and over a 6-foot (2 m) hump, feeling a weightless surge before you splash into the pool.

Think you can handle a second trip?

Super Bowl Super Bowl
Super Bowl

Super Bowl takes the inner-tube experience to exciting new levels!

Riders launch into the Super Bowl pinned to the wall by powerful centrifugal forces as they orbit towards the center. Continue down another flume and finally splash into the pool.

Definitely not to be missed!

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